• Martin: How're you? Sobered up, have you?
  • Arthur: Yeah, I have, actually. It turns out a really good cure for being drunk is when you're on a plane and then an engine explodes, and you think you're gonna die.
  • Martin: Should write in to the British Medical Journal.

My biggest weakness, as a pilot, is that I’m not very good at flying aeroplanes (…) I mean *sigh* I’m good enough. Like the sim said, I’m adequate – adequate to the task. But I- I don’t do it easily; It’s not second nature to me. On your scale of one to ten, if one is the bare minimum of competence, I’m… about a four. And I used to be a one – no, I used to be a zero, and then I took my C.P.L. again, and then again, and then I was a one, and then a two, and then a three, and now I’m a four. And I’m not finished yet. And that’s why you SHOULD employ me. That’s why you’d be LUCKY to employ me, because if you’re not naturally good – if you can’t rely on just knowing how to do it like Doug… l-like some people can, then you have to… well, you have to BE a perfectionist, actually – and I AM one! And that’s why even when you’ve turned me down, I’m gonna keep on applying – because flying is the perfect job, and I won’t settle for a life where I don’t get to do it!

Martin Crieff (Benedict Cumberbatch), Cabin Pressure (S4E06, “Yverdon-Les-Bains”)


martin crieff chewing on his noodles (like he eats so much pot noodles that his belly hurts but he can’t afford anything else). his van’s broken down and it’s gone to get repaired and there are no flights and he has no money and nothing to do. his phone is off because he can’t pay his bills. tiny small son martin crieff. cuddling on his mattress and crying in his airplane blanket and airplane bedding because he’s so sad and so hungry and so cold and so alone

And here we all thought Sherlock was a feelsy character


Upon relistening to Cabin Pressure specifically Ipswich, I came across one of the best visuals in the show. First Officer Douglas Richardson carries out Captain Martin Crieff’s body out of the mock-up fuselage. Can we take a moment to imagine that cinematically?

And Carolyn carried Arthur out.  Someone draw that or something

  • Douglas: Er, Martin. Are you about to make an announcement telling Mr. Birling not to look out of the window?
  • Martin: Of course I am!
  • Douglas: Just maybe run that past your internal psychologist first.
  • Carolyn: Martin?
  • Martin: Yes?
  • Carolyn: Are you still there?
  • Martin: Yes.
  • Carolyn: Then don’t be.

"Is it bigger than the box it comes in?"
Yes, Arthur, apparently it is.


"Is it bigger than the box it comes in?"

Yes, Arthur, apparently it is.


Captain Watson and Captain Crieff
because I think that they would have the cutest friendship ever. They would write letters back and forth while John is in Afghanistan so that John could balance a bit of domestic comfort into his military life and so that Martin can have an actual hobby outside of being a pilot and have a potential BF for once

Don’t ask how or why Crieff got permission to fly an army transport plane or how John was allowed on the flight deck because I have absolutely no idea. I didn’t use the handshake scene from His Last Vow I swear

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