But do you realise that John Watson loves Mary so much that he decided to accept her, even though he knew he had an awful past he didn’t even want to look at it, even though she had lied to him he went beyond all that and understood her, John didn’t care about her past, he cared about the woman he’d met and fallen in love with and who is carrying their child. He was just so understanding, so open, so honest, and if that isn’t true love then don’t tell me what true love is. 


Ah… I lost a follower for all the Cabin Pressure lately. I think? Okie dokie.

*dives into a pool with otters and geese and sipping on talisker while eating a lemon.*


The fact Arthur’s dad is so horrible he’s terrified of him breAKS MY HEART


I’ve always thought Sherlock is as tiny and sad as you can get but then I discovered Cabin Pressure and man Sherlock ain’t got nothing on that poor sad baby Martin Crieff


Princess Teresa, though.

Oh, you come with decorations?  Like a little Christmas tree..”



Certainly another one of my favourite cabin adresses.


Sherlock tries so hard…


i feel douglas on so many levels


HERC: Actually, Disney didn’t come up with the concept of expressing love. Other people have found it important as well.

CAROLYN: Well, who?

HERC: Most of humanity.

CAROLYN: Well, there you are, then. You know what chumps they are.

HERC: Who, humanity?

CAROLYN: Yes, by and large.

HERC: … Well, granted. But still.

— Cabin Pressure, Vaduz [x]

That’s why I love this radio show! :)

Frankly, anyone who needs the operation of a whistle explained to them deserves to drown.

Douglas Richardson (Roger Allam), Cabin Pressure 3x05 Roterdam (via beaumontinvestigations)

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